Blog By M. Mitera

Another expo has come and gone. It always seems to get here so fast and it’s over just as quickly. It’s such an eventful weekend and we are so happy that we have so many amazing clients to share it with! It’s a lot of hard work putting on such a large scale event so a great turnout makes us that much more proud of the efforts we’ve put in.

For those of you that attended, we just want to extend a thank you. We obviously wouldn’t have such an incredible weekend without our clients! We appreciate the love and support so much. People traveled from all over to come to #lfod18 to get tattooed and to enjoy the shows put on by the Olde City Sideshow and Marlo Marquise. And a very special thank you to those who entered the contests this weekend! We are so proud of our winners and all of the contestants for showing off their beautiful (and not so beautiful… Worst Tattoo contest was very interesting) pieces of art.

Additionally, we would like to thank all of the artists and vendors. For artists to take time off from their shops to travel here is wonderful. Seeing so many people in the industry coming together to work in one place is just great. The amount of talent that presented itself at #lfod18 was immeasurable. From realism to traditional, the tattoos that were done this weekend are definitely pieces to remember.

Again, it’s sad that the expo has come and gone another year. But that doesn’t mean we’re sleeping on planning next year! We’ve already begun preparations to make #lfod19 the best expo yet! We want to express our thanks again for anyone and everyone that made it out this year. Next year will be even better so start preparing yourself now!