Blog By M. Mitera

With this year’s tattoo expo fast approaching, we have a lot of work to do! One of our main focuses as of lately is promoting our expo on social media. We put a lot of faith in the power of Facebook and Instagram these last few months. We’ve really been trying to get the ball rolling for LFOD 2019 so we’ve already got promotions running and all that good stuff! But if you’re an artist or vendor that’s attending the show, we have even more to offer you to help boost your exposure at our expo!

If you are an artist or vendor attending this year’s expo, know that you can absolutely submit photos to us so that we can repost them on our social media. By showing your specific style online prior to the show, potential clients are able to look through your work, see if they like it, and even possibly get tattooed by you at the expo if you have time! So submit some work to us! We want to show your talents off to the thousands of potential clients that will be at the expo.

Since the expo is as large as it is, and we have so many artists, there are a few things we would ask you to consider when submitting work to be reposted. Of course, your photos must be high quality! That one is super important, especially if we end up using your images on the website as well as on the Instagram and Facebook. Sometimes, things get distorted so we have to make sure that the photos are of the highest resolution. Additionally, you need to submit the photos yourself. We can’t choose the photos for you. Going through your portfolio and picking out a few different images that you like is a great start! If you even want to take it a step further, craft a collage of your favorite pieces and submit that! Our clients love to see a variety of work!

Once you have a collage made, or just a few photos that you’re really happy with, submit them to! Now, the sooner you get these images in, the sooner you will be posted! We try to post at least once a day leading up to the expo but will post more if we get a lot of submissions. In your email, please include the shop that you work at, along with their Instagram handle, as well as yours if you have a separate one. Please also note if you’re looking to book appointments or if your schedule is full.

We want every single artist and vendor that joins #LFOD19 to have a great time, make a lot of money, and be able to showcase their skills. If you have any questions about what’s required to get promotion on the LFOD pages, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We will gladly help you out with whatever you need and we can’t wait to see you this summer at #LFOD19!