Blog By M. Mitera

It’s almost time! The expo is drawing closer and our featured artists have been working hard to put together some answers to some commonly asked questions! Our featured artists this year are from all over the United States, some hailing from right here in New Hampshire! Others will travel many miles to come to our expo. And we couldn’t be more excited! Our first interview with a featured artist is one of the NH natives! Raymond Roberge is a tattoo artist at Tattoo Angus in Manchester, NH and has been tattooing for ten years. He specializes in neo-traditional and Japanese style tattooing. I had a chance to sit down with Ray and ask him a few questions about the upcoming show!

Do you have anything especially fun planned for the weekend in regards to tattoos? Any large pieces going to be in the works?
“I have one large shoulder/upper arm piece planned out, which I’m excited to start! I also have a large amount of artwork that I have drawn up that I would love to tattoo at the convention!”
Will you be entering your work in to any of the contests that are going on that weekend?
“I’m hoping to enter the arm piece that I have scheduled. If more clients book appointments, I will absolutely be entering more!”
Do you have any influences in the tattoo community? What about other artists that might inspire your work?
“I have worked in a few shops in my years tattooing, like many other artists. I like to think that I’ve learned a little from each of the artists that I’ve worked with. As far as Artists that inspire me-  Neil England, Victor Chil, Timmy B, Uncle Allen, Eckel, Theresa Sharpe, Emily Rose Murray, etc.”
Do you have a favorite moment as a tattoo artist? Maybe a client that was especially memorable or a tattoo that you did and just absolutely loved?
“I’ve had so many good experiences with my job that it’s difficult to single one out. I find that being able to do original work or helping someone remember a lost loved one is most rewarding. Clients suffering from loss can have a catharsis when laying on the table. I have met too many amazing, original, odd, funny, talented, caring people in this line of work to pick just one.”
Have you ever attended the LFOD Expo before? What years?
“I have attended a few years of the LFOD Expo but I can’t recall which years off the top of my head.”
What made you decide to participate in this years Expo?
“I look forward to the challenge once against to work at the convention. It’s a very different environment and I love it. It’s fun to be able to meet other artists and talk with the convention goers.”
Do you think you’ll return again next year?
“If all goes well this year, absolutely!”