Blog By M. Mitera

Next month is the expo and everyone is excited for #lfod18! Erik Jones is one of the featured artists this year and we had the chance to get him to answer some questions for us about his experience at the expo last year. Erik works at Sacred Fire Tattoo Art Studio based in Maine. Check out his interview below and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for him at the convention! The thigh piece he’s working on is epic and we can’t wait to see the progress made on it this year!

How long have you been a tattoo artist?
“My name is Erik Jones.  I’m 34 years old and I have been tattooing for 4 1/2 years. “
What would you say is your favorite style to tattoo?
“I’ve been an artist my whole life with a focus on graphite realism and mixed media sculpture.  I enjoy tattooing all styles, but lately have put my energy into large blackwork, black and grey realism, and geometry.”
Do you have anything especially fun planned for the weekend in regards to tattoos? Any large pieces going to be in the works?
“This year at the Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo I will be doing a 2-day back to back continuation of last year’s project.”
Will you be entering your work in to any of the contests that are going on that weekend?
“I plan on entering Asia’s thigh piece from last year in the large black and grey category, and hope to have some other clients entering pieces as well!”
Do you have any influences in the tattoo community? What about other artists that might inspire your work?
“Lately my big influences have been Gordo Letters, Gakkin, Nissaco, and Suni Banik.  However, Jesse Levitt, Ryan Smith, Sir Twice, and Jay Freestyle are big inspirations, to name just a few.”
Do you have a favorite moment as a tattoo artist? Maybe a client that was especially memorable or a tattoo that you did and just absolutely loved?
“Last year, doing the 3 day project with Asia was one of the best tattoo experiences of my life.  Her dedication and perseverance throughout the project were so inspiring to me, along with all the community support from attendees and fellow artists.”
Have you ever attended the LFOD Expo before? What years?
“I attended in 2017!”
What made you decide to participate in this years Expo?
“Last year’s expo was an amazing experience, and  I’m thrilled to return and continue the project this year!”
Do you think you’ll return again next year?
“Absolutely! I plan on doing a back to back project every year from here on out!”
If you’re interested in being a featured artist at this year’s expo, just click HERE and download the registration form!