Blog By M. Mitera
With the expo only a month away now, we are really gearing up to get everything situated! Things are starting to fall in to place and we’ve got a few interviews with our featured artists that we’d like to share with you! We’ve already interviewed Raymond Roberge, an artist at Tattoo Angus. This time, we had the chance to sit with Cy Sterling from Goodfellow Tattoo in Concord, NH and ask him a few questions about his first year working at the Live Free Or Die Tattoo Expo!
How long have you been a tattoo artist?
“I’ve been tattooing for about 6 years.”
What would you say is your favorite style to tattoo?
“Traditional. Timeless motifs done right look so powerful.”
Do you have anything especially fun planned for the weekend in regards to tattoos? Any large pieces going to be in the works?
“I believe I’m just gonna take walk ups. I don’t really book a lot of appointments, I love the variety it brings.”
Will you be entering your work in to any of the contests that are going on that weekend?
“I’m not sure yet, maybe!”
Do you have any influences in the tattoo community? What about other artists that might inspire your work?
“Tons. I love Aaron Coleman’s stuff, my shop is covered in it. Mike Malone, Bob Roberts, Steve Byrne, Bert Grimm, to name a small few. I’m always looking for new stuff to pull inspiration from.”
Do you have a favorite moment as a tattoo artist? Maybe a client that was especially memorable or a tattoo that you did and just absolutely loved?
“Probably last Friday the 13th. It was a week away from the anniversary of my shop being open, the energy was incredible, we had a blast, I met so many people and made a ton of new friends.”
Have you ever attended the LFOD Expo before? What years?
“I attended last year, but I’ve never worked it before. I’m really excited to see what it’s all about.”
What made you decide to participate in this years Expo?
“A few people mentioned it to me and I figured it’d give us a chance to meet some people, make some cool tattoos, and have a fun weekend.”
Do you think you’ll return again next year?
“I’ll have to answer this one on Sunday haha.”