Blog By M. Mitera

Realism is a hard style of tattoo to tackle. There are a lot of elements to a realistic piece and there are many places to make a mistake. That’s why when it comes to realism tattoos, you find yourself an artist that is incredibly skilled in it! Bill Rhine, located at Tattoo Angus, in Manchester NH, is one of those artists! His realism skills are phenomenal and in general, he is an incredible artist! We managed to get a spare second of his time to get our #lfod18 questions answered!

How long have you been a tattoo artist?
“I’ve been tattooing for twenty two years now.”

What would you say is your favorite style to tattoo?”
“Honestly, whatever peaks my interest!”

Do you have anything especially fun planned for the weekend in regards to tattoos? Any large pieces going to be in the works?
“No, not yet. But you never know what’s going to come my way.”

Will you be entering any of your work in to the contests that are going on that weekend?
“Yes I have a couple pieces that I want to enter. But I have one back piece in particular that I’m excited about.”

Do you have any influences in the tattoo community? What about other artists that might inspire your work?
“Oh shit, I have too many to list. There are a ton of incredible artists out there!”

Do you have a favorite moment as a tattoo artist? Maybe a client that was especially memorable or a tattoo that you did and just absolutely loved?
“The day I met my idol, Bob Tyrell. I was a total fan boy!”

Have you ever attended the LFOD Expo before? What years?
“I’ve attended every expo except the very first one!”

What made you decide to participate in this years expo?
“It’s the only expo I do!”

Do you think you’ll return next year?
“More than likely, yes!”