Blog By M. Mitera

We’re getting even closer to expo weekend! Our featured artists have been working hard to put together their artist interviews so attending clients know a little bit more about the artists they’re sitting with. This time around, we got a chance to interview artist Paul Teves from Blue Iris Tattoo in Merrimack, NH. Paul will be attending this year so be sure to visit his booth and see if he has any time for tattoos!

How long have you been a tattoo artist? 
“About 18 years, I believe I started my apprenticeship at Mongo’s Tattoo Madness” in Somerville Massachusetts in 1998.”
What would you say is your favorite style to tattoo?
 “I enjoy all styles of tattooing, but black and grey is my favorite to do.”
Do you have anything especially fun planned for the weekend in regards to tattoos? Any large pieces going to be in the works?
“I’m hoping, yes!”
Will you be entering your work in to any of the contests that are going on that weekend?
“If I can finish in time!  😉 “
Do you have any influences in the tattoo community? What about other artists that might inspire your work?
“Way too many to mention, but Paul Booth was a big influence to me when I started out, and still today.”
Do you have a favorite moment as a tattoo artist? Maybe a client that was especially memorable or a tattoo that you did and just absolutely loved?
“I love ALL of my clients!  Some of my most memorable times tattooing were while working with Tony Plante.”
Have you ever attended the LFOD Expo before? What years?
“This will be my first time working a convention!”
What made you decide to participate in this years Expo?
“Lots of support from friends!”
Do you think you’ll return again next year?
“I hope to!”