In the past, we have been fairly lax with certain rules at the Live Free Or Die Tattoo Expo. We want to make sure that everyone attending has a great time, whether they are an artist, a vendor or a guest. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that some requirements must be put in place to ensure that the expo is fair for everyone and that all the artists are able to get work during the event.

For piercings, we have decided that there will only be three piercers booths allowed to attend and pierce. We feel that more than that is unfortunately too much to have in one spot, as piercing is a very specific craft. In doing this, we think that it will provide more business between the three booths.

In addition to having three piercing booths at the event, we will also be setting a minimum limit for how much can be charged per piercing. The minimum is $30 per piercing, not including the cost of jewelry. Since the body piercers that come to the expo bring a large amount of jewelry with them, the price of the piece that a client ends up picking out varies. But all actual piercing fees must be $30.

Of course, we do not want any tattoo artists to get undercut either and that is why we have implemented a tattoo minimum of $50. This will make it so that no artist can charge incredibly low fees and try to take business from others. By putting this rule in to place, every artist will have a more fair chance of having clients sit with them.

The industry is competitive for sure but at these events, with so many different skill sets and talents, it is important to work together! If you have any questions about these new rules, please feel free to email us at and we will be happy to help! We cannot wait to see everyone at #LFOD19 ! #lfodtattooexpo